Reasons to Take Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons are fun, but there are other reasons to take them. Here are just a few.

Many kids ask for a pony for Christmas and never get one. Horses are expensive creatures, but horseback riding lessons, whether for a child or an adult, can be a valuable activity for several reasons.

Get Physically Fit While Having Fun

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Horseback riding is great exercise, burning about 379 calories per hour, according to By doing it on a regular basis (especially in combination with a sensible diet), riders can expect to lose a little weight and build muscle. They will likely become more physically fit at the same time—stronger and fitter cardiovascularly as well. The bonus is, the rider is having so much fun that he hardly notices he is exercising.

However, in order to burn the most calories, the rider needs to do more than just amble down the trail at a sedate walk. He needs to trot and canter, and horseback riding lessons are a great way to learn to do that. The instructor will help the rider stay focused and motivated while teaching him to be a safe and effective rider.

The improved balance, added strength and increased body control learned in horseback riding lessons carry over into every-day life. Riders can handle themselves physically better than they could before in normal social situations, while playing sports, etc.

Develop a Special Bond Through Horseback Riding

Horses are social animals, enjoying the company of humans just like dogs do. Their hearts are easily won with a carrot or a kind pat, and treating them well while working around, grooming and riding them is a good way to develop a bond with them. Many a girl has cried her woes into her horse’s mane or mentally worked out her problems while riding down the trail with the horse turning a sympathetic ear. The unconditional love and companionship with a horse can be very therapeutic and enjoyable. 

On top of the animal companionship, riders generally meet a lot of other people who all share a love of riding and horses. Most horseback riders like to have fun, and friendships formed at the barn often span many years and trickle over into life away from the stable as well. They learn compassion for animals and how to work as a member of a team - where the other team member does not speak English.

It is important to remember that not everyone has the same experience or gains the same benefits when taking horseback riding lessons. It is important to consult a doctor before starting this, or any other exercise regimen. Not everyone will learn to ride like the Olympians, but everyone can benefit from the physical and social benefits that come with taking horseback riding lessons.

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