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Boarding at Eagle Lake Ranch

Every time a new boarder comes in, within a week they are telling us that they cannot believe how much better their horse has been acting. It is not a coincidence. The horses know when the person who is caring for them loves what they do.

John’s connection with the horses is rare. Many people struggle with their horses and often when they hand the reins over to him there is an instant change in the horse’s demeanor. One can visibly see the horse relax.

The pastures here at Eagle Lake Ranch are incredible too. The horses are just happier outside being horses in their free time and it is a beautiful thing to watch. Proper turn out makes a healthier horse and a safer ride, so it is a top priority at our ranch.

And if you have specific needs for your horse, John is happy to deliver. This includes texting him to ask if your horse can be brought in before you get there, switching your horse’s coat because it warmed up unexpectedly, or making sure you horse’s stall window is clean so he has the best view.



  • Heated Barn
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Nice Viewing Room w/ Bathroom
  • 40 Arce Fenced Property
  • 200 x 90 Insulated Indoor Arena w/ Stereo 
  • 350 x 150 Outdoor Arena w/ Judge's Stand
  • All Arena Professional Footings and Drainage​
  • Plenty of Secured Tack Rooms
  • Hot and Cold Indoor Wash Stall
  • Miles of Pasture Riding, Pond, and Crossings
  • Easy access via Interstates - 40 minutes to Chicago
  • No Smoking 
  • Front Gate Closed at All Times


  • 15 All Weather Turnouts w/ Excellent Drainage
  • 25 Acres of 6 Large Paddocks w/ Shelters
  • Horses Turned Out EVERY Day​, weather permitting


  • Feeding 3xs Daily​
  • Quality Grain and Hay Always
  • Horses Always Kept at a Healthy Weight
  • Auto Fresh Waters in Every Stall


  • Stalls Cleaned 7 Days a Week
  • Individual Lighting in Each Stall
  • Large 12 x 10 Matted Stalls
  • Auto Fresh Waters in Every Stall
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Heated Barn

Horse Sales

Here at yourhorseman.com, John can help you find the perfect horse.  He will listen to what you're dreaming of, what you want to achieve, what your goals are and then he will connect with his partners from across the United States to find you the bloodlines that hold the characteristics you are looking for. 

Finding a healthy horse with the potential to be exactly what you are hoping for is not an easy task, but it is something that John truly loves and takes very seriously. We have seen too many owners make quick decisions based on price, availability, or emotions and sometimes that does not yield the best result. 

Time off from riding because a horse has poor conformation and is frequently lame can be really frustrating for the rider, and it can start a cycle of additional medical problems when horses are not able to exercise, graze, or have turn out as they should...so John takes the time to make sure he is leading people to best decision.

And some may say that color is not  important, but come on…who does not want a good looking horse? So yes, you can definitely tell him your favorite color.

Training & Lessons

John’s horse training is unprecedented in our area.  His training principles focus on creating a safe ride first. He uses creative techniques that help the horse learn to trust him and eventually their owner so that unexpected situations do not create dangerous situations. 

Anyone can desensitize a horse, and yes he will do that, but John has many other techniques that teach the horse to look for direction rather than take it without regard to safety…even if they get a rope caught under their tail or dragon-sized fly lands on their nose.  From breaking colts to creating a soft and smooth easy ride, he's done it all.

He has fixed horses that have gone to multiple trainers and just gotten confused and off track. He has helped retired racetrack horses become calm companions. He has created trustworthy barrel competitors out of the horses that other trainers said needed to be sold or retired because they were too hot-headed.  He has even trailer loaded a hard to load mare after six other trainers had tried to load her and failed. He is not afraid of a challenge and believes that each horse CAN be great in their own way, which is why training with

John is a different and better experience. Need proof? Ask him to consult and give you a little advice on your horse before you commit. Nothing makes him happier than staying late at the barn to talk training or to show an owner how great their horse really is.

About Us

John and Janis Bautz are honored to be the owners of Eagle Lake Ranch, where John provides high quality boarding, customized training, lessons for horses and riders, and horse sales.

Whether you are looking to purchase the perfect horse, dreaming of being a more confident or skilled rider, looking for the best boarding facility you can find, or just ready to take your first ride, John is the resource you have been looking for. His gift is in listening to each client’s unique experiences and expectations so that he can seek out the potential in both the horse and the rider and help them achieve their goals. He has the confidence, the open mind, and the respect for horses and their owners that is needed for BOTH to be taken care of in a way that they have never experienced.

John includes owners in all of his planning for training and care and makes himself available for communication to educate and collaborate on everything horse related from finding the right horse to buying the right saddle or even finding the right horse-shoes. In a word, John is your horseman.

We invite you to take a look around yourhorseman.com to learn a little more about John and how he can help you find or create the perfect horse you have always dreamed of.


Please call us or message us on Facebook for more information.

(815) 603-4595

We pride ourselves on giving you and your horse the best care possible.

​ Rates vary depending on the needs of each horse. 

​John can help you create a custom care plan and explain associated pricing.

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John Bautz

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Address: 8630 W Eagle Lake Rd Peotone, IL 60468